Safety Tips

Sports Buddy Safety Tips helps you to meet people with similar interests and enjoy sports. All you need to do is register with us by providing us your name, address, telephone number and email ID. We do not exchange any kind of personal or contact details, such as address or telephone number with other customers of the site, unless you specify it. Once you have found your sports buddy at our site you can arrange a meeting with him or her, but always keep into consideration the fitness friends safety tips listed below:

Don’t give your personal details: You should not assume that your sport partner is trustworthy before meeting him/her. Be sure to contact your sport partner through email and avoid giving away any of your personal contact information in the very beginning. You should give your personal details only after knowing your sport partner a little better. From our side your contact details such as your real email address, telephone number or home address are not made available to your sports partner, unless you specify it.

Use your own transport: Be sure to reach the place where you are going to meet your sports partner on your own. Using Bla Bla Car can help.

Inform a friend:  It is advisable to keep a friend or family member informed about your plans and give them the name and email address your potential sports partner plus the details of the sports venue.  One way to do this is by using the app Tokn

Take your mobile with you: Take a fully charged mobile with you and make sure it is in a working condition and has enough credit to make calls. Keep calling your friend or your family member to let him/her know that you are fine and enjoying time with your sports partner.

Meet in a public place: Never invite your partner to your residence for your first meeting. A sports venue is probably the safest place to meet your sport partners. Sporting events like golf, tennis, badminton are held in open areas but if you are going for jogging or cycling or other events that can only be held at non fixed venues, we would suggest you to meet your sports partner beforehand at some public place.

Just follow the above mentioned fitness partner safety tips and enjoy sports activities with your partner. If your sports partner is not reliable then just discontinue your contact with him/her as you can find more reliable sports buddies at If you have any problems then do tell us as we are here to guide you.

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